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Webcomms4U Ltd - Website design and maintenance service - ideal for small businesses and organisations in the Bath / Bristol area and beyond.  We also hire out novel environmental awareness - energy efficiency displays

Website Design & Maintenance Service

Ideal for small businesses and organisations in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding counties

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Web services provided by WebComms4U Ltd

The Internet is the most cost-effective way of promoting your services and a quality website can help improve communications between you and your customers.

At Webcomms4U, based in the Bath / Bristol area, we offer an affordable website design and maintenance service to help you enhance your online presence. The following is our range of services we provide.

Our web services

If you are looking to promote your business on the Internet or would like to improve your existing website, we can help. We design websites that are individually tailored to customer requirements and take care to ensure that the websites we produce are simple to use with clear and logical site navigation.

We can produce single or multi-page brochure websites and order/buy-online websites, to meet your requirements. These types of websites are ideal for small start-up businesses, organisations or medium-sized businesses, which require an online website presence. In order to establish you particular requirements we offer a no-obligation consultation service.


Logo design

An eye-catching logo is a symbol of your company's identity and it is one of the best ways of creating a professional image. Your logo is unique to you and generally reflects the purpose of your business.

At Webcomms4U, we can design new logos or enhance existing ones to help create or improve your company's identity. Normally a logo is designed around your corporate colours and fonts to give a unique impression of your business.


Domain name registration

A domain name (e.g. www.mycompany.co.uk) is the key to a website presence on the Internet that will enhance your professional status. Importantly, this domain name will be the address of your company website.

We offer a domain name registration service to help you secure your domain name. We will firstly check the availability of your chosen domain name. If available, we will help you register this name on your behalf. Registration of your specific domain name will be in your name and hence you retain ownership.

When choosing a domain name, we advise you to select your company name or something related to your business. The webcomms4u.co.uk domain name is a good example.


Website hosting

Once your website has been completed, it needs a home on the Internet or it will not be visible to the public. This means you will need to hire website space on a powerful computer, known as a website server (or website host), to store your website page files. This server is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making your website available any time, any place, anywhere.

We can provide hosting for your website on your behalf on WebComms4U web space hired from the Internet Service Provider, 1&1. Alternatively, if you have already purchased a website hosting package from another Internet Service Provider, you will need to provide us with the hosting server details in order for us to be able to upload your files to your website space.


Website submission

In order to ensure that your website actually appears on the Internet as a result of somebody entering a search engine query, it is necessary to make an initial submission to as many search engines as possible. Additionally, to ensure your site continues to appear as near as possible to the top of search engine result lists re-submissions are recommended after website updates or periodically. Depending on your requirements, we will quote you for this service.


Website maintenance

It is important to keep a website fresh and up-to-date to give visitors confidence in what they view and to encourage them to return to your site. A regularly updated and maintained website enables:

  • New products or changes in prices to be displayed
  • New company information to be conveyed
  • Hyperlinks to external websites to be checked for correct operation
  • Continued high ranking in search engine results

If you think your website needs updating, please discuss your maintenance requirements with us and we will provide a quotation for the work.

Once you confirm agreement with the quotation, we will commence the update work. On completion of the work we will notify you and invoice you accordingly.



Website statistics

For customers that require website usage statistics, these can be provided on request.

Scanning/photographic image processing

If you do not have access to a digital camera or scanner, we can produce digital image files on your behalf.

PDF file generation

If your requirement is to use Portable Document Format (PDF) files within your website for download purposes, we can convert standard electronic documentation into PDF on your behalf.

For any of the above services, please contact us for options and pricing.